My story’s blurb

I… am a lazy writer… but writing something of significance is my one great dream. I could say that even if no one reads my story, I’ll be satisfied with just having written it, but I would be lying to myself. Writers always crave some degree of recognition, and as a hobby writer, praise and feedback is all I have to gain from my writing. Anyway, this is the “blurb” for my story. This might be what I would put on the back cover if it was a book.
What would you do if you possessed the power to change reality?
What would you do if you could make anything come true just by wishing for it?
Then, much later, what would you do when you find out that your power wasn’t a blessing, but a ghastly curse?
The price to alter the present is a future shrouded in a mist of misery and death.
This is the story of a young woman who possesses such a power. She realized, too late, the consequences of using her wishes and soon lost every single person who was ever dear to her. Afraid of “affecting” others, she spent her days alone, hiding her heart from the world. Soon, she began to blame the world for her troubles. She began to hate and resent the world. Day by day, that resentment swelled and grew. Then, on a day that she could not contain her hatred anymore, she made a wish for the world to die.
This is a story of a girl’s loneliness and sorrow. It is a story about how a girl, who hated the world with all her heart, learned to love the world and believe in it again…

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